As a young boy, David Matthew Thomson set out to have a career in the music industry. He started to learn the piano at the tender age of 4 and played fluently enough by first grade to perform the star spangled banner in front of his K-8 school and parents. He was blessed with many great mentors including monster musician, Herb Hamilton [pianist and organist at the white house '67-'71, accomplished producer and recordist].

"I attribute much of my musical foundation and teaching philosophies to Herb Hamilton. He really sparked by interest by helping me discover music theory. This helped me understand what I was doing and how I can express ideas in music. Some of the most important things I learned were life skills and how to take a patient and methodical approach to solving problems"

It was later in Jr High & High School when he began to record and teach. David has held a consistent student load since he began in 1998. Around this time he also picked up the guitar and bass.

"I've always enjoyed sharing what I have learned with others and there's nothing like seeing the light turn on in a student when they grasp a concept. I know I love discovering new things and it's just as fulfilling helping others do the same."

For his last two years of high school, David went to college. On the day his peers graduated high school, he did as well but also received his first college degree; an Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences in Digital Audio Engineering. After this David continued to also complete an Associate of Arts Music in Music. During his time he studied Jazz and popular music as well as honing his understanding of recording and production.

This was only the beginning, David then continued to enhance his skill set by recording and producing with many artists such as Matt Bekker, Tess Henley, William Demps. He also continued to play for different groups with these artist and more.

David also enjoys fixing all types of things. Instruments, electronics, cars, any problem is a worthy challenge met with an analytical mind frame keen to problem solving.

"Growing up my Dad was always putting in a floor, repairing cars, or some other project. It didn't matter what it was or whether he'd done it before, he would research and make it happen; never waiting for someone else to come handle it or let things fall into disrepair. I learned a lot watching and later helping. I use this approach as a musician, producer, and mix engineer. All are individual problems to be solved. We can't back down from the challenge!"

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