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Post date: Dec 9, 2015 8:15:14 AM

We get a lot of questions regarding our percussion drum loop tracks and we decided to offer our monster library of them to all!

In our store, we have an item called Percussion Loop Tracks. This a bundle percussion tracks for 150+ songs created in ableton live over the years. Each track has it's own scene which holds all the information the program needs to run that track.

We love ableton live around here as it is one of the few computer programs that can start instantaneously. This means the tracks can be started while in the midst of a song and will begin the instant it is engaged. This response is very useful when working in a musical environment when timing is everything.

These loop tracks are also setup on a sampler with a step sequencer allowing the user to make any edits he or she wants. All samples required to play these tracks are included in the bundle.

Only have the intro version of live? No problem, these tracks will work just fine. Just pull in the scenes for the songs of your set and away you go!