The path to perfecting your project is can be long and filled with uncertainty. We strive to simplify the process and provide a quality tailored means to the completion

Your project will benefit from the combination of high quality gear and experience.

We record projects large and small with live or sample based instruments for a range of project types and styles.

Whether you need tracking, mixing, or song production including writing, arranging, and performance, we have what you need to complete your project with the quality you desire.

We also have famed vocal production for leads and backgrounds. We’ll help you with harmonies and melodic ideas to complement your music.


Unlimited total tracks

32 channel max simultaneous tracking

Apogee conversion

Production assistance


Hammond B3 with Leslie

Vocal Tuning

Precision editing by skilled engineers


Studio time - $50/Hr

(includes: writing, arranging, tracking, mixing, and mastering)